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Grassfed Beef

Produced with no hormones, no antibiotics, and no added grains. Our cattle consume 100% grass 100% of the time. We offer beef in individual cuts as well as in quarter, half, and whole animal portions.

Beef Bundle Options

Save by buying a meat bundle. Orders start at $250

Quarter, Half, Whole Cow Options

Save by buying meat from a whole or portion of a cow. Orders start with a $100 deposit

Keto Ground Beef

1 lb pack. 80% beef - 20% pork fat

5 pk Keto Ground Beef

80% beef - 20% pork fat. Whiffletree Farm.

Beef Hamburger Patties

3ct. 1/3 lb. patties.

Beef Rib Steak

(0.8-1.2 lb) A.k.a. ribeye! 

Beef Eye Round Roast

(3 lbs) 100% grassfed beef

Beef Sirloin Tip Roast

(3.5 lbs) 100% grassfed beef

0.2 lb Filet-- Beef

Avg 0.14 to 0.25 lb

Beef Porterhouse Steak

(0.9 lbs) 100% grassfed beef

2 lb Half Trimmed Brisket-- Beef

Mostly meat. Exterior fat trimmed off.

5 lb Half Untrimmed Brisket-- Beef

Exterior fat remaining. Perfect for smoking.

Tri-Tip-- Beef

Avg 1.48 to 1.75 lb

Beef Fat

Avg 3-5 lb pk

Beef Suet

Avg 5 lb pk. Fat that comes from the kidneys.

Beef Tallow

1 Quart. Tasty & nutritious cooking fat.

4.5 lb Beef Bones

Ranges 3 to 6 lb. Makes delicious broth.

Beef Bone Broth

1 quart. Broth with organic vegetables.