Was $18.00 / lb, Now $15.95 / lb. Now through October 28!
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Curbside for Immune-Compromised

Whiffletree's Response to Covid-19

Given the number of requests we've received regarding curbside service for those who are sick or have household members who are immune-compromised, we're happy to offer that service to those who need it.

If you DO NOT need curbside service... we ask that you come into the Farm Store Monday-Saturday, 11am-5pm to shop a la carte! At this time, we are limiting the number of customers in the Farm Store to three.

If you DO need curbside service...

  1. Click on the "Begin My Order" button below.
  2. Set up an account by searching zip code 20186 and choosing the "Immune-Compromised Curbside" option.
  3. Add your items to the cart and check out. (**All orders must be placed by NOON on Wednesday to be included.)
  4. You'll receive an estimated receipt that serves as a confirmation of your order (we charge by the pound and therefore we will not know the actual total until we put your order together Thursday morning).
  5. We'll put your order together Thursday morning, and you can pick it up at the Farm Store on Thursday between 11am and 5pm. Please just pop your head in to let us know you've arrived! :)

We hope everyone stays healthy and hopeful!