Was $18.00 / lb, Now $15.95 / lb. Now through October 28!
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Whiffletree's Ways to Buy

Farm Store at Whiffletree

Please come shop our store! No online orders needed, just come on by... Mon- Fri 11am-5pm, Sat 10am-5pm. We accept cash, check, & credit. (Tip to avoid GPS errors, please type "Whiffletree Farm" into Google Maps)

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Curbside for Immune-Compromised

While we're unable to accommodate curbside farm pickup for everyone, we are reserving this option for those who are currently immune-compromised. Place your order here by noon on Wed, for pickup Thurs 11am to 5pm.

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Neighborhood Delivery

That's right, we deliver! You can order online, pay online, & pick up in your neighborhood. Click here to enter your address or zip and find the closest pickup location near you! Or click below to begin your order!

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Bulk Beef or Pork

Need to fill your family's freezer with quality food? You've come to the right place! You can save big by purchasing a WHOLE of HALF cow or pig, pasture-raised by Whiffletree Farm, and processed the way you like.

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Hen Sale

Expand your own flock, or begin your backyard farming adventure... with Whiffletree's own hens! You can buy our year-old chickens raised on pasture, with non-GMO feed and no antibiotics!

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Thank you!

Thank you to all our faithful customers for supporting your local farmer! To find out more about your farmers, please visit our About page. And as always, let us know if there's anything we can do to serve you and your family and community!

About Our Farmers

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Neighborhood Delivery

Order online. Pay online. Pick-up in your neighborhood.

Join Whiffletree Farm in supporting Fauquier County Food Bank!

Because grocery stores have significantly less excess right now, the Food Bank has seen a decrease in their inventory. Whiffletree Farm is helping by matching the first $1,000 in donations of our healthy & tasty food, that we'll give to the Food Bank! Click the button below to support!

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