Check out our Holiday Classics!

Beef rib roast and tenderloin, pork loin and tenderloin, whole and half turkeys, whole duck, leg of lamb & more.


The most popular staples sold at Whiffletree.

Beef Hamburger 4ct Patties

1 pack. 4 patties. (1/4 each)

Fully Alive Book

A mom’s toolkit for nourishing your family (and your soul) as you navigate tummy troubles, colic, sleep issues, food allergies, and more

Sirloin Tip Roast

Boneless + Lean Roast

Shredded Chicken

1lb pre-cooked + shredded pasture-raised chicken!

Honey (1 lb)

Truly local, truly raw, no chemicals! From our friend Katherine Adams!

Extra-Large Eggs

1 dozen (12) eggs

Ground Beef

1 lb pack 100% grass fed!

5 pk Ground Beef

5ct 1lb packs. Our 100% grassf-fed, no antibiotic, no chemical wormer beef!

Beef Hotdog

1 pack. 8 hotdogs

Beef Bratwurst

1 pack. 4 bratwurst

Rib Steak [Ribeye]

Flavorful + Tender steak!

Shaved Steak 0.6 - 1.1 lb

Thinly Sliced Steak

5 pk Shaved Steak

Avg 0.61 to 1.1lb

Sage Sausage

1 lb pack. Loose

Chorizo Sausage Grillers

1 lb pack. 4 grillers per pack

Breasts 1.2 - 1.5 lb BL/SL

Boneless/Skinless. 1 pack. 2 breasts per pack

Drumsticks 0.8 - 1.1 lb

1 pack. 3 drumsticks per pack

Thighs 1 - 1.5 lb

Bone-In/Skin-On. 1 pack. 3 thighs per pack

10 pk Whole Chicken 5.0-5.4 lb

10ct whole chickens (5.0-5.4 lbs. each)