Grassfed Beef

Produced with no hormones, no antibiotics, and no grains. Our cattle consume 100% grass 100% of the time. We offer beef in individual cuts as well as in quarter, half, and whole animal portions.

Beef Osso Bucco

Avg 4 lb pk. Shank marrow bone with the leg muscle--marrow and tasty meat.

Keto Ground Beef

1 lb pack. 80% beef - 20% pork fat

5 pk Keto Ground Beef

5 lb packs. 80% beef - 20% pork fat

Beef Hamburger Patties

1 pack. 3 patties (1/3 lb each)

Beef Hotdog

1 pack. 8 hotdogs

Beef Bratwurst

1 pack. 4 bratwurst

5 pk Shaved Steak

Avg 0.91 to 1.2 lb

2 lb Half Brisket (Trimmed)

Mostly meat. Exterior fat trimmed off.

5 lb Half Brisket (Untrimmed)

Exterior fat remaining. Perfect for smoking.

10 lb Whole Brisket (Untrimmed)

Exterior fat remaining. Perfect for smoking.

Beef Fat

1 pack. Avg 4 lb per pack

Beef Suet

1 pack. Avg 5 lb per pack. Fat from around kidneys

Beef Tallow

1 Quart. Tasty & nutritious cooking fat.

Beef Bone Broth

1 quart. With organic vegetables.

Knuckle Bone

1 pack. 1 knuckle bone. 2 lb avg

Marrow Bones

1 bone 1lb average

Beef Bones

1 pack. 3 - 6 lb avg. Big batch broth!

5 pk Beef Bones

5 packs. Avg 23 lbs total. Perfect for broth

Beef Heart (Ground)

1 pack. 1 lb avg. Pairs with ground beef for extra nutrition