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On Sale

4.5 lb Beef Bones

Ranges 3 to 6 lb. Makes delicious broth.

Bulk Pork Bones

Averaging 10lbs

Chicken Backs-- 3 per pk

Ranges 4.5 to 5.8 lb. Makes nutritious broth

Chicken Gizzards

Cleaned Gizzards from our Pasture Raised Chickens! Avg 1lbs packages ready to prepare and enjoy! Also, a nice pet treat!

Chicken Wings

Avg 1 lb pack. 4 per pk

Clearance Salmon for Pets!

Avg .42 lb. salmon filets that are past the expiration date. They have been kept frozen so there is no food safety issue, just some frosty packaging. Tasty treat for pets!

Pork Bones

(3 lbs) From pasture-raised pigs