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Meet Our Farming Partners

These are all the top-notch producers who raise what we don't raise, and who fill in the gaps of our production.

Teaming Up With Transparency

We raise and sell chicken, eggs, turkey, pork, and beef (and some veggies now!) But we need to fill out the rest of our diet too. And we want those foods and products to be produced in alignment with our own farming practices (see Farming Practices Page). And we want to offer those other products to you as well.

Additionally, we don't always have enough of what we raise, and therefore we supplement our production of eggs, turkey, pork, and beef from our partner farms. You can see those partners and numbers below.

These are our top-notch partners to whom we are grateful to be working with.

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Will Campbell

Old Rich Valley Farm | Saltville, VA


Will and I have been working together since 2018, when Will's Warrenton family first connected us. Will is a stand-up guy and runs a great operation with his family land in southern Virginia, and has helped fill our gaps of production with some really well-raised animals.

The pigs are moved to fresh pasture at least every 2 weeks, fed non-GMO feed, with no antibiotics or chemical wormers. In 2023 Will will raise us around 30 pigs.

The beef is 100% grass-fed, with no antibiotics, or chemical wormers. In 2023, Will will raise us around 50 steers.

Tracey Halstead

Greenwich Natural Farms | Haymarket, VA


Tracey and first met as Tracey was a loyal and long-time customer. Then she and her family made their exciting leap into getting their farm and raising their pigs. Tracey has been supplying us weened piglets (that we raise up to slaughter) or finished pigs since around 2017.

The pigs are moved to fresh pasture at least every 2 weeks, fed non-GMO feed, with no antibiotics or chemical wormers. In 2023 Tracey will raise us around 15 pigs.

Aaron Beery

Edgewood Family Farm | Dayton, VA


We get a spring flock of around 1200-1600 hens and a fall flock of 1200-1600 hens. That means that we have around 2400 hens for 8 months of the year, and about 3600 hens for 4 months of the year when the flocks overlap. But this seasonality means that sometimes we are long on eggs and sometimes we are short on eggs. This is where Aaron and Edgewood Farms have been so good to work with.

I have worked with Aaron and Edgewood Farms since around 2018. These hens are raised to our same specifications: in mobile housing and actually moved to fresh pasture regularly, on a non-GMO feed, without antibiotics and any chemicals.

In 2023 we will produce around 80,000 dozen eggs, and we will supplement in about 10,000 dozen eggs from Edgewood. Those Edgewood eggs almost exclusively go to wholesale customers.

Wayne Beery

Mountain Branch Creamery | Dayton, VA


Wayne and his family milk about 20 cows to produce their 100% grass-fed, A2A2, organic milk and cheese. I have been working with Wayne and Mountain Branch Creamery since 2019.

Currently, we offer his regular milk, chocolate milk (which in my book is almost as good as ice cream), strawberry milk, raw cheddar, raw gouda, raw swiss, raw farmstead cheeses. I am really happy with his ingredients--check them out.

I am encouraging him to start offering cream, butter, and ice cream. Keep buying his stuff and maybe he can make those leaps!

His cheeses are raw (VA allows that). His milk is pasteurized at the lowest temp allowed, as VA currently doesn't let anyone sell raw milk retail (tell your state rep to change this!)

John & Katherine Adams

Stallard Road Farm | Rixeyville, VA


I have know John and Katherine since when we moved back to Warrenton to start our farm in 2009. The Adams are neighbors about 12 miles away, friends from church, and John is our accountant too!

Katherine is a true "herb nerd." Just get her going about all she knows about herbs and human health and healing--it is a pleasure! And she raises and produces excellent truly raw, and truly local honey (be careful with honey--there is lots of tricky marketing out there) and excellent herbal products: teas, salves, culinary herbs, fire-cider, and elderberry tonic.

Nick Healy

Arkwood Farm | Nelson, NH


I met Nick back in 2009 when we first began our farm. He and his family live in Maryland but go back and forth to their family's farm in New Hampshire where they tap and process their own maple syrup. No additives of any kinds--just beautiful, delicious maple syrup. One of the earth's tastiest treats!

Jessie and Shane Murrow

Meadowwood Farm | Swoope, VA


I first met Jessie back in 2018 when she interned with us. Then not too long after, I met her then boyfriend Shane. Both are top-notch people, and doing great work. We currently get the following from them: pasture-raised ducks, 100% grass-fed lamb, non-GMO/no antibiotic trout. All really excellent products.

Manuel SaldaƱa

In-tune Farm | Warrenton, VA


Manuel and I first met when he interned at Whiffletree in 2018. Manuel was an excellent intern--just a totally solid guy, super friendly and kind, and a great sense of humor. Ever since Manuel finished his internship he has been raising us his excellent, pasture-raised, non-GMO rabbits. If you have not had one his rabbits, try one--they are so delicious.

Jenn & Steve Kurian

Wild for Salmon | Headquarters in PA, Fishing in Alaska


I first got connected with Wild for Salmon back around 2013 from a fisherman who grew up here locally and worked with Wild for Salmon. We were on the search for a good source of wild seafood per the Weston Price Foundation's recommendations. Wild for Salmon is both catching truly wild seafood, and processing them in such a way to best preserve the quality (for example: the salmon is bled right at catch, then kept in ice water baths, and then processed and flash frozen within 12-36 hours of coming out of the ocean).

Dino and Diamantis Pierrakos

Laconiko | Manassas, VA


We first got connected to Dino and Diamantis and Laconiko around 2012 when we were looking for an olive oil where we had a relationship with the producer to make sure that the olives were not sprayed with chemicals and that the olive oil was not being adulterated in a number of ways. Unfortunately, there is a temptation to adulterate olive oil as there is a significant mark up with "extra virgin olive oil" and it is an international commodity that is difficult to oversee with integrity. Some things that are happening with conventional oils are the olive oil is cut with cheaper seed oils like canola or soybean; or rancid oil is sent through a perfuming process to covers the rancid taste/smell. Hence, we wanted to have a direct relationship to make sure we were eating and offering something without toxic sprays and with integrity.

Emily Mast

Back to Our Roots | Midland, VA


Emily is a Mennonite neighbor of ours here in Fauquier County. She first reached out to us in the spring of 2023 about providing us with her soap made from our pork lard, which was great because our prior soap maker had recently gotten out of the work. I am really happy to have and to offer soap made from our pigs' lard. Emily's other ingredients are organic olive oil, organic coconut oil, organic castor oil, bentonite clay, and essential oils for health and scent benefits. It is really nice to have a soap without the normal toxins of conventional soaps, and with all the nutrients of these ingredients. It is obvious that your health is dominantly impacted by what you put in your body through food, but also remember that your skin is porous, and what you put on your skin enters the biology of your body and also significantly impacts your health.

Meagan Donica

Mad Magic Kombucha | Vint Hill, VA


I first discovered Mad Magic when they were just getting going here locally around 2012. Meagan and I have been working together since she came aboard around 2015.

We enjoyed kombucha and knew of the benefit of fermented foods from the Weston Price Foundation. We especially like Mad Magic because they don't add any juice or sweeteners. Many kombuchas have a high sugar content. My favorite way to drink Mad Magic is half boucha and half seltzer water over ice.

Gabriel Key

Foggy Mountain Pasta | VA and Washington DC


I first met Gabriel when he reached out get our pasture-raised eggs for his gourmet pasta in early 2020. Since then, we have been going strong, both providing him our eggs and us offering his excellent pasta.

Gabriel is using no-chemical, non-GMO grains, and really excellent ingredients for his pasta. Please try it out (preferably with some of our sausage!)

The Ohana Family

Sweetwater Baking Company | Floyd, VA


My wife Liz discovered Allison and Sweetwater Baking Company in her Weston Price Foundation research. Allison does everything right when it comes to soaking nuts and grains, and her oils, and sweeteners. This granola is the best. If you are not familiar with soaking nuts/grains, and the downsides to vegetable oils/refined sugars, please check out the Weston Price Foundation.

Sue Kosten

Susie's Sunday Treats | Warrenton, VA


I met Sue when we moved back to Warrenton in 2009 to start our farm. Sue and we had a lot in common as we were all trying our best to raise/eat food that aligned with the Weston Price Foundation's food/farming principles. Plus we are friends with Sue and her family from church. Sue makes incredible chocolate chip and raisin cookies, and gluten-free chocolate energy bars that have the best ingredients, plus she is soaking the flour of the cookies in yoghurt to properly prepare the flour per Weston Price recommendations. If you are not familiar with soaking grains or the Weston Price Foundation, please check them out.

Wally & Amy Hudson

Moving Meadows Farm | Culpeper, VA


Wally and family first met back around 2015 when we were at the same regenerative farming workshop. The Hudson's make really great bread, with the best ingredients and processes. They ground the non-GMO flour with a low-heat stone mill the same day they make the bread. The sourdough bread is only the whole grain flour, sea salt, water, and the culture. No preservatives, so clean. Very Weston Price aligned. It makes delicious and hearty toast. I like it best lathered with butter and maybe drizzled with some of Katherine's honey.

They also make us their honey whole wheat. Whole wheat, stone ground, salt, yeast, honey, olive oil, and wheat gluten. Again, no preservatives. This is a really good sandwich bread, fluffier than the sourdough.

Grant Collier & Bri McCarthy

Wild Earth Fermentation | Richmond, Virginia


We first discovered Grant and his ferments in 2020. We especially liked Grant's ferments because he uses organic, locally-sourced veggies, he uses traditional methods to ferment, and they are just delicious. Please see The Weston Price Foundation on the benefits of fermented foods.

Krissee and Mariano D'Aguiar

River Sea Chocolates | Chantilly, VA


I have known Krissee and Mariano for a super long time--hard to remember when we first met, but was right around when were just getting started, probably around 2011 or so. In short, Krissee was a long-term customer. And then she was our Herndon Neighborhood Delivery host for years. And then Krissee and Mariano made the exciting move to start their own chocolate business. They are committed to integrity and quality from start to finish. Sourcing cocoa directly from farmers who are not spraying chemicals and who are receiving a living wage. And top-notch ingredients beyond the cocoa. They do a great job, and this is really clean, and tasty chocolate, made here locally!

Joseph Stazzone

Cafe Kreyol | Manassas, VA


I don't drink coffee every day, but I love it as a treat. And when I drink coffee I want to know that I am not drinking toxic sprays and that the farmers are receiving a living wage. We started working with Cafe Kreyol when our previous coffee supplier changed ownership and couldn't guarantee boots on the ground confirmation of the no-spray and living wage.