Hen Sale!

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Pet Food

Pets deserve quality nutrition too!

Farm Hounds Treats (Beef Jerky)

Quality dog treats. More flavors below. 4.5 oz bag

Pet Food Box

(Avg 6 lbs) Includes 3 packs bone-in ground Turkey, 2 packs chicken feet, 2 packs of turkey feet, and 1 salmon pet roll.

Wild Alaskan Salmon Pet Pack

(1 lb roll of bone-in ground salmon) Great for any dog, cat or fish-loving pet!

Salmon for Pets (1 filet)

Wild caught Alaskan filets gently past expiration date but has always remained frozen. Avg 0.4 lb per filet

Pet Ground Turkey (Bone-In)

(Avg 1 lb) From our pasture-raised turkeys!