Beef Sirloin Strip 0.50 - 1.29 lb

a flavorful + tender, affordable steak option

Ranch Steak 0.10 - 0.49lb

robust + rich in flavor

Beef Osso Bucco

Avg 4 lb pk. Cross section of the shank marrow bone with the leg muscle--beautiful marrow and tasty meat. Great for stews and broths!

Pork Chops 0.9 - 1.4 lb

1 pack. 2 chops, 1” cut

Beef Tri-Tip Steak

boneless steak + very flavorful

Denver Steak 0.20 - 0.49 lb

tender, flavorful steak + great marbling

Turkey Leg Thighs

1 per pack. (Avg 2.75 lb) From pasture-raised turkeys!

Marrow Bones

1.5lb packs of shank marrow bones--beautiful for broth, marrow, and pets!

Pork Leaf Fat

1 pack. 3 lb avg. (Similar to saving bacon fat, use this to make lard)

Pork Back Fat

1 pack. 4 lb Avg. (Similar to saving bacon fat, use this to make lard)

Salmon for Pets (1 filet)

Our classic Wild caught Alaskan filets gently past expiration date. frozen. NUTRIENT DENSE. Encouraged for pet consumption.Avg 0.4 lb per filet

Pork Bones

make homemade + nutritious pork bone broth (avg. 3lb)

New York Strip 0.8 - 1.1 lb

Flavorful + tender steak! (cut from the short loin)

Bone in Skin On Breasts 0.99 - 1.29 lb

Bone-In/Skin-On. 1 pack. 1 breast per pack