Grassfed Beef

Produced with no hormones, no antibiotics, and no grains. Our cattle consume 100% grass 100% of the time. We offer beef in individual cuts as well as in quarter, half, and whole animal portions.

Beef Sirloin Strip 0.50 - 1.29 lb

a flavorful + tender, affordable steak option

Rib Steak [Ribeye]

flavorful + tender steak + bone-in goodness!

Flank Steak

a tasty + lean cut, we recommend marinating and grilling!

Skirt Steak

Robust flavor + cut from the plate (avg. 0.5-1.2lb)

Beef Filet 0.30 - 0.79 lb

Our prime steak + melt-in-your-mouth texture

Hanging Tender

prized for its flavor + cut from the plate (also known as butcher's steak, hanger steak) average 1lb

Beef Short Ribs 1.0 - 1.59 lb

robust flavor + tender cut (1 pack. 2 ribs)

Chuck Roast (Bone-In)

very flavorful + well marbled roast

Mock Tender

lean roast + wonderfully flavorful

Rib Roast

juicy + incredible flavor + well marbled texture (avg. 3-6lbs)

New York Strip Loin (Whole)

A richly marbled roast + bold, beefy flavor

Half Brisket (Untrimmed) 5 lbs

Exterior fat remaining. Perfect for smoking.

Beef Bone Broth

1 quart. Frozen. Made from our 100% grass-fed beef