Thanksgiving Birds: Large Chickens

Raised on fresh pasture without hormones, antibiotics, or GMOs. Our turkeys range from about 10 to 23 lbs. Half turkeys are cut lengthwise down the middle, and you receive either the left or right side of the turkey (includes a breast, leg thigh, and wing). We also offer a 'Thanksgiving Chicken,' our largest chicken suitable for a small family feast. Find all the details HERE, or shop below.

Largest Whole Chicken (6.1-7.3 lbs.)

(6.1-7.3 lbs) These are our largest chickens, which are great for a large family, a feast, or as an alternative to a turkey if that is too large for your gathering. Fresh pasture daily, No GMO feed or chemicals! No deposit needed!


Turkey deposits are purchased separately from other orders. To place a deposit, click PREORDER under the size and pick up location desired.

Chickens can be added to any order by clicking ADD TO CART, and paid for in full (no deposit).


We raise these birds on pasture ourselves, and each year's flock is unique. Most of our turkeys fall between 10 and 23 lbs. Size ranges are estimates and we will do our best to get you a turkey in the size range you requested, but we cannot make any guarantees.


Farm Store Pick Up - - Turkeys will be available beginning Thursday October 28, 2021. Stop in anytime the Farm Store is open: Mon - Fri 11AM to 5PM, and Sat 10AM to 5PM.

Neighborhood Delivery - - For the month of November, our regular Neighborhood Delivery schedule is changed to delivery over the course of 1 week: November 16, 17, 19, and 20. Turkeys are delivered with all regular orders at this time.


For prep info, check out our Turkey Page here.