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Whole Rainbow Trout

Whole Rainbow Trout

Avg 0.85 lb. Raised by our former intern and her husband

These rainbow trout are raised in low capacity in the Middle River in the Shenandoah Valley, being fed wild venison!  Not the normal GMO grains and antibiotics, in a dirty tight capacity system.  They have a 100% survival rate which goes to show what a great set up it is for the fish!  Some of the only ethically raised fish in the country!

Feeding the venison is a double win as it thins the overpopulation of deer and gives the rainbow trout an excellent, non-GMO food!  

There are many ways to cook, but frying in lard or smoking are great!  Boning the fish only takes a few minutes and you can do either before or after cooking.  The heads make some of the best fish stock!