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Lumache Pasta

Lumache Pasta

12 oz box. 6 servings. Organic + Whiffletree Farm Eggs

Our Cavaliere blend marries two winter wheat flours with just a touch of Danko Rye giving it over-the-top goodness. A delightful balance of structure, sweet tones, and subtle umami, makes this Lumache pasta a crowd pleaser. Proudly Virginia-Grown, Virginia-Milled, and Virginia-Made.

Foggy Mountain Pasta, out of northern Virginia, makes everything in small batches using only local and organic ingredients. The semolina flour is organic from Italy and the summer winter, spelt, or trinity are sourced from Carolina Ground (a woman-owned mill based in Asheville, NC dedicated to working with small sustainable farms within the region in order to promote a better grain future for everyone).They use a "low-slow" drying approach in order to preserve the incredible flavors and goodness of the flours and eggs they work with. This also produces a pasta that is better in flavor as well as beautiful to look at. The dried pasta cooks in 7-9 minutes unlike industrial pasta that can require up to 15 minutes or more of cooking time.


Organic Semolina Wheat Flour, Flour (White Wheat, Soft Red Wheat, Rye), Whiffletree Eggs, Water