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Griller Pork Bundle -- Small

Griller Pork Bundle -- Small

Grill staples. Around 28 lbs of pork. 4% off retail

A collection of our staples for the grill!

Easy to cook. A great bang for your buck (4% savings off retail)!

Around 28 lbs of Pork

This bundle is oriented for families who need around 2 to 4 servings per item.

This bundle includes:

SHORT RIBS: 6 ribs| 7.5 lbs total

CHORIZO SAUSAGE GRILLERS: 5 pks (4 grillers per pk) | 20 grillers, 5 lbs total

MILD ITALIAN SAUSAGE GRILLERS: 4 pks (4 grillers per pk) | 16 grillers, 4 lb total

CHOPS: 7 (1.2 lb) chops | 8.4 lbs total

BRATWURST: 4 pks (4 brats per pk) | 16 brats, 4 lbs total

*Weights are approximate