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Coconutty Granola (6 lb bag)

Coconutty Granola (6 lb bag)

Organic. Wheat-free. Non-GMO. Sprouted.

Delicious granola made by Sweetwater Baking Company in Floyd, VA. Created to be a cereal worth eating. Delicious and nutritious. Plain and simple. You can “style” it, or eat it as it is. Sometimes plain is easy, and easy is good. Enjoy this granola as a cereal or snack.Bakers With Heart and History

Lovingly Crafted Artisan Organic Whole Foods

Meet the bakers with heart and history. Since 2004, Sweetwater Baking Co. has been creating small-batch bread and granolas. Every ingredient is organic, non-GMO, and chosen for purity, flavor, and sustainability.

Sam and Alison Siller   |   sweetwatergranola.com


Old fashioned rolled oats, shredded coconut, coconut oil, unrefined sugar (Sucanat), Ceylon cinnamon, unrefined salt (Redmond), lemon juice