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Hot 4 oz Beef Snack Stick Bites

Hot 4 oz Beef Snack Stick Bites

Grassfed, convenient, deliciously spiced... in bite size!

Tasty, nutritious, and filling beef snack stick bites made from our 100% grass-fed beef! 4oz packs of snack stick bites. No MSG, no nitrates, no chemical preservatives! An excellent healthy snack/convenience food, and it doesn't need to be refrigerated! In dehydrating, the 4oz pack was made from 38% more beef (you are just not paying for the water!)--i.e., don't underestimate how much food and nutrition is in this 4oz pack!


Beef, cane sugar, sea salt, garlic, ground mustard seed, black pepper, ground red pepper, cayenne, lactic acid starter culture.