Herbal Healer's Salve

Herbal Healer's Salve

2 oz tub. Handmade. Eczema, burns, rash, etc (olive oil, calendula, comfrey, rosemary, beeswax)

Made by our friend Katherine Adams of Stallard Road Farm, about 10 miles from us. Katherine grows all her own organic herbs and keeps her own bees to make this healing skin salve! Good for eczema, sunburn, poison ivy, diaper rash, bug bites, cuts and scrapes!

The passion for unlocking the treasures in plants. The privilege of providing their benefits to others.

Stallard Road Farm grows and harvests many different herbs, like the ones used in this tea. At just the right time, the harvest is brought in: sold fresh to area herbalists for their own uses, or dried and crafted into cooking a tea blends, salves, oils and other herbal goodies.

John & Katherine Adams   |   stallardroad@gmail.com

If you're interested in a little piece of history...

STALLARD ROAD is named for a remnant of the pre-colonial road that runs through it. It ran to settlements that have grown up into Warrenton, Culpeper, Little Washington and Sperryville. The road was still marked on area maps as late as 1958. The Stallard family traveled with Daniel Boone on his adventures and settled in Tennessee or SW Virginia. There is still a Stallard Family Reunion every year.

As the most recent owners of this land, John and Katherine Adams remark: "We feel strongly that we are stewards: of it's history, its' health. In embracing Stallard Road as the name of our farm we hope to reflect that care and continue living out that heritage."


Olive oil, calendula, comfrey, rosemary, beeswax