Last week to order live Whiffletree egg-laying hens!

START OR EXPAND YOUR OWN FLOCK with our year-old laying hens raised on pasture with non-GMO feed and no antibiotics.

Order now, Pick Up is DECEMBER 2, 3, and 4 from 7 PM to 8 PM

Meat Shares are a specialty drop, and not part of Neighborhood Delivery. Yes, you can join both!

No need to change your account location, just follow the steps below to join and you'll be added to our specialty drop too!

Farmer's Choice Meat Share

Our quality meat staples available monthly at local share drops


You Join

Choose your drop and size, and join by buying your first share

We Pack - You Pick Up

Our best basics from our Chicken, Beef, & Pork

You Get Meat Monthly

Joining gets you access to ongoing monthly shares!

» When + Where you pick up your share

Shares are packed monthly for pick up at these Drops:

Whiffletree Farm Store Drop

8717 Springs Rd Warrenton VA 20186
Available Year Round

Potomac Vegetable Farms Drop

9627 Leesburg Pk Vienna, VA 22182
Available Dec through May


» What you pay - What you receive

You choose your size - We pack with a variety each month


Monthly Share


+ tax

6 to 11 pounds

of quality meats

Chicken ............ 4 to 6 lbs
Beef ................. 2 to 3 lbs
Pork ................. 2 to 3 lbs


Monthly Share


+ tax

14 to 20 pounds

of quality meats

Chicken ............ 6 to 8 lbs
Beef ................. 4 to 5 lbs
Pork ................. 4 to 5 lbs


» How you pay

Your First Month

You join by paying the first month for the size you choose

After Your First Month

That same amount will be charged automatically to the card on file at the end of each month's registration window (7 days before pick up) until you opt out.

What Comes In a Meat Share

Exact weights vary, as each month we try to pack a variety of our most popular cuts.


Sample Small Share

- 6 to 11 lbs of Meat Per Month -

4.50 lb Chicken (Whole Bird)
2.00 lb Chicken Leg/thigh
1.00 lb Beef (Ground)
1.25 lb Beef Shaved Steak
1.00 lb Pork Chorizo Sausage
1.00 lb Pork Bacon

All shares contain only basics meats

We never pack anything exotic, like organs or tongue.
All meats come frozen for food safety purposes.


Sample Large Share

- 14 to 20 lbs of Meat Per Month -

4.50 lb Chicken (Whole Bird)
2.00 lb Chicken Leg/thighs
2.00 lb Chicken Boneless Breast
2.00 lb Beef (Ground)
1.25 lb Beef Shaved Steak
1.00 lb Beef Steak
1.00 lb Beef Bratwurst
2.00 lb Pork Sage Sausage
1.00 lb Mild Italian Sausage
2.00 lb Pork Bacon

» You choose when you join

   Follow the Share Calendar Below

To start
shares in

Choose This Registration Window

After your first share

your payment will process each month on

And you'll pick up
from your drop between

Dec 2020

Dec 1 - Dec 24 Dec 24
Dec 31 to Jan 6

Jan 2021

Dec 25 - Jan 22 Jan 22 Jan 29 to Feb 4

Feb 2021

Jan 23 - Feb 19

Feb 19 Feb 26 to Mar 4

Mar 2021

Feb 20 - Mar 19

Mar 19 Mar 26 to Apr 1

Apr 2021

Mar 20 - Apr 16

Apr 16 Apr 23 to Apr 30

May 2021

Apr 17 - May 21

May 21 May 28 to Jun 3

Jun 2021

May 22 - Jun 18

Jun 18 Jun 25 to Jul 1

Jul 2021

Jun 19 - Jul 16

Jul 16 Jul 23 to Jul 29

Aug 2021

Jul 17 - Aug 20

Aug 20 Aug 27 to Sep 2

Sep 2021

Aug 21 - Sep 17

Sep 17 Sep 24 to Sep 30

Oct 2021

Sep 17 - Oct 22

Oct 22 Oct 29 to Nov 4

Nov 2021

Oct 23 - Nov 19

Nov 19 Nov 26 to Dec 2

Dec 2021

Nov 20 - Dec 17

Dec 17 Dec 24 to Dec 30



Each registration window closes one week prior to when pick up begins. This is when payments are processed and shares are prepped and packed.

What if I need to opt out?

Simply contact us before or within the registration window for the month you'd like your share to stop.

Opt-out requests received after the close of the current month's window will take effect for the following month. There are no custom options available for non-consecutive months (such as every other month), so the only way to 'pause' shares is to opt-out. After opting out, you may join again at any time.

Have a Meat Share inquiry? Let us know!