We are excited for turkey season, and always enjoy raising these social birds! We are raising broad-breasted whites on pasture with non-gmo feed, no hormones, and no antibiotics.

When we go to do morning chores I love hearing them make this really winsome, low trilling noise. It is their "happy" noise. They make it every time I give them fresh pasture. Hearing them make that noise, gobbling down juicy grass, and seeing their clean white feathers and bright heads against the lush green pasture, on a crisp morning--like I said, it is a pleasure! And this all makes the turkeys that much more nutritious and delicious for you! A turkey can get up to 40% of its nutrients from the pasture, whereas a chicken tops out closer to 15%. Which means that a pasture-raised turkey is even that much more distinctive, healthy, and delicious than a pasture-raised chicken!


1. The turkeys are $4.75/lb.
2. To reserve a turkey, please place a $35 deposit (see details below).
3. The balance of the turkey will be paid at pick up and based on the size of your turkey.
4. The turkeys will be frozen. We process them at the end of October, so they cannot stay fresh until Thanksgiving.
5. We will do our best to get you your size preference, but it is first come first served.
6. The turkeys come with their necks on in a shrink wrap bag.