Place a Deposit for a Pasture-Raised
Whole or Half Cow or Pig

Processed the way you like. Freezer-ready for your family's needs.

We raise the animals.
You pick the cuts and pay per pound.
You enjoy your farm-fresh meat!

Grassfed Beef

Our beef is 100% grassfed, raised without chemical wormers, chemicals on the land, hay, antibiotics, or hormones.

Pasture-Raised Pork

We raise our pigs on pasture and in the woods, on non-GMO grains, without antibiotics, chemical wormers, chemicals on the land, chemical washes on the carcass, or MSG, nitrates, phosphates, chemical preservatives in the pork!

A Better Choice

Buying quality bulk meats straight from your farmer can be a healthier and more affordable choice. You could save around 10% off traditional grocery store prices when you buy from us!

How to Order

1 You place your $100 deposit

Place your deposit by clicking the red button below. The deposit is non-refundable. After you order, you'll receive an email confirmation to set up a time to talk with us.

2 We walk through your order with you, then send it off to process

We'll set up a time to call you, and help you with your butchering options using our cut sheets.

3 You pay the rest, and pick up your animal

We'll let you know when your order is in, and you'll pay for the rest (see cost below). We'll arrange a pick-up time for you. Also, check out the sample weigh-ins and yields below, for an idea of what you might get!

Cost Per Pound

We charge by the hanging weight, not the finished weight (hanging weight is the weight of the carcass before it's been butchered and cleaned).



Average Pounds

450 to 650 lbs 180 to 220 lbs

Price Per Pound (WHOLE)

$4.80 / lb $3.40 / lb

Price Per Pound (HALF)

$4.90 / lb $3.55 / lb

Estimated Processing Fee

(Varies depending on how simple or 'fancy' your cut requests are)

 $1 / lb $1.50 / lb

Sample Total Cost (WHOLE)

$3,895 $1037

Sample Total Cost (HALF)

$1,981 $533

(Continue below for a sample of what meats you'll get from ordering a whole or half animal, and to see a breakdown of total cost and savings.)

How Much Freezer Space Do I Need?

Freezer space is obviously dependent upon what cuts of meat you get. But, generally speaking, 1 cubic foot of freezer space fits about 20 to 25 lbs of meat.

Beef Cuts

Sample Total Cost


Whole Steer

Half Steer

Hanging Weight

(Weight used to determine cost)

530 lbs 265 lbs

Take-Home Finished Weight

464 lbs 232


(Includes Est. Processing Fee)

$3,895 $1,981

Cost if you purchased this Retail

$4,342 $2171

Your Savings!

$447 or 10% $190 or 9%


Whole Pig

Half Pig

Hanging Weight

(Weight used to determine cost)

200 lbs 100 lbs

Take-Home Finished Weight

160 lbs 80 lbs


(Includes Est. Processing Fee)

$1037 $533

Cost if you purchased this Retail

$1152 $576

Your Savings!

$115 of 10% $43 or 8%

Take-Home Finished Weight Yield

A Sample of the Meat You'll Bring Home

For a Whole Steer (Per Cut):

We kept the rounds as roasts, but of course you can cut steaks, grind, or roast as it suits you.

23 lbs Ribeye 5 lbs Flat Iron Steak 23 lbs Stew Meat 14 lbs Liver
15 lbs Sirloin Strip 3 lbs Tri Tip 16 lbs Shaved Steak 3 lbs Kidneys
11 lbs NY Strip 3 lbs Flank Steak 28 lbs Short Ribs 3 lbs Heart
7 lbs Filet 1 lb Hanger Steak 23 lbs Trimmed Brisket 2 lbs Tongue
4 lbs Ranch Steak 115 lbs Ground Beef 17 lbs Chuck Roasts 1.5 lbs Ox Tail
6 lbs Denver Steak 18 lbs Beef Bratwurst 5 lbs Eye Round Roasts 0.40 lbs Sweetbread
5 lbs Chuck Eye Steak 10 lbs Kabob Meat 17 lbs Top Round Steaks 81 lbs Bones

For a Whole Pig (Per Cut):

The prices below are with hams and bacon cured and smoked.
If you ground the hams or didn't cure the pork belly into bacon, it would cost even less.​

34 lbs Loin/Chops 20 lbs Bacon/Sidemeat 30 lbs Shoulder 27 lbs Ham
10 lbs Sausage 5 lbs Rib 7 lbs Bones 24 lbs Fat
3 lbs jowl      


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