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Farm to Freezer: The Most Cost Effective Way to Get Our Quality Beef and Pork

Whole & Partial Cow or Pig offered direct to you in 5 options:

See the process, costs, and what meat you'll take home below

LOOKING FOR LESS, BUT STILL BULK? Consider our medium BEEF and PORK Family and Griller Bundles. Same great cuts and quality as these whole and partial orders, but without the less popular cuts like bones, fat, and organs.

The Nitty Gritty

How It Works - What It Costs - What You Get

Choose your animal and place your $100 deposit

Choose from our COW or PIG options. The date you choose is the date your animal will go to processing. Place your deposit and you'll receive an email confirmation, receipt, and more details about our process.

It takes 4 to 6 weeks from the date you chose for your animal to be processed

All orders will be butchered according to our Classic Cuts, unless you submit a customization. All meat comes frozen.

We'll notify you when its ready, you pay remaining cost and pick up your meat at Whiffletree

Remaining cost equals Total Cost minus your $100 deposit. We use your card on file to process your remaining cost.

PICK UP : You have up to 10 DAYS to pick up your meat from our farm store freezer

You will be required to pick up your meat from the farm within 10 days of when we email you that it is ready for pick up. This is due to our limited freezer storage space. We will charge $10/day if we must store your meat beyond that 10 day period. You can pick up your meat from the Farm Store anytime within our open hours: Monday through Friday 11am to 5pm and Saturdays 10am to 5pm. Thank you for working with us!

STORING AFTER PICK UP: Your freezer size needs depend upon which size animal you order

What size freezer you need for your meat depends upon which size animal you order. Meat from whole and partial animal orders come packaged in the same way our retail meats come [example: ground meats in 1 lb packs, steaks individually wrapped]. Keep in mind that ground meats come in stackable square packages, while steaks, bones, and larger cuts come in their own shape and size. Sometimes this means you'll need a little extra freezer space to store all your meat. See our samples of storage space here.


What You Get : Our Classic Cuts

The tables below show how we will butcher your animal, and a sample yield per cut that will vary according to the size of the animal. You will be charged according to the specific hanging weight of your animal. See the COST LAYOUT below.

Can you customize your order with different cuts?

WHOLE and HALF orders are customizable. QUARTER orders are not customizable. If you’d like cuts for a WHOLE or HALF order other than the CLASSIC CUTS listed in these sample tables, there will be a link provided in your confirmation email where you can sign up to have an appointment with us to discuss your custom cut sheet. If you do not contact us to request a customization, you will receive the CLASSIC CUTS.

What You Pay

Weights and totals below are samples (exact totals will vary based on size of animal).

Storing Your Meat: How Much Freezer Space

Here are some examples of freezer sizes and which whole or partial animals our customers have been able to store when those freezers are empty.

Only Quality Raised Breeds for Quality Meat

Our primary focus is not on one particular breed of cow or pig, but on animals coming from herds that are focused on our farming practices like raising on pasture and without GMO feed, chemicals, and antibiotics. Our cows are a mix of Wagu, Angus, Devon, Mashona, Charolais, and Braunvieh-- Our pigs are from Old Black, Large Spot, Duroc, Hampshire, and Yorkshire breeds.

No antibiotics
No GMO feeds
No chemicals
100% grassfed beef


Upcoming Beef + Pork Dates

Quarter Cow Processed 5/28/24 (Ready 4 - 6 weeks after)

This is a deposit. The rest will be charged when we notify you that your order is ready.

Half Cow Processed 5/28/24 (Ready 4 - 6 weeks after)

This is a deposit. The rest will be charged when we notify you that your order is ready.

Whole Cow Processed 5/28/24 (Ready 4 - 6 weeks after)

This is a deposit. The rest will be charged when we notify you that your order is ready.

Got Questions?

Call the Farm Store at (540) 935-0600 | Email your farmer at jesse@whiffletreefarmva.com