Farm Hounds Treats (Beef Jerky)

Farm Hounds Treats (Beef Jerky)

Quality dog treats. More flavors below. 4.5 oz bag

Beef Jerky

Ingredients: Beef muscle meat, beef organs, beef blood & beef fat.

Chicken Jerky

Ingredients Chicken

Chicken Gizzard

Ingredients: 100% ground chicken gizzard

Beef Kidney

Ingredients: 100% beef kidney

Beef Liver

Ingredients: 100% beef liver

Turkey Jerky

Ingredients: 100% turkey

Turkey Gizzard

Ingredients: 100% turkey gizzard

Pork Jerky

Ingredients: Pork muscle meat

A passion to help dogs thrive with the best nutritional options!

Farm Hounds Treats is a small company who focuses on giving the best to animal companions. They began their first small business in the dog care industry, owning and operating a large dog boarding and daycare facility in Atlanta-- which led to offering a curated selection of foods, treats, and accessories for our customers. From daycare and boarding, Farm Hound's mission evolved into owning and operating dog-centered pet retail stores called The Whole Dog Market.

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