Fall Hen Sale is on!

Choose an amount from our year-old egg layers to start or add to your own flock!
Place an order here for pickup December 2, 3, and 4. Or find out more here.

Come On By the Farm Store at Whiffletree!


Mon through Fri 11AM to 5PM
and Sat 10AM to 5PM

The only days we're closed:
* New Year's Day  * May 13  * August 15  * December 8  * Thanksgiving Day  * Christmas Day



Follow the signs, park, and come on in!

Chat with the farmers, visit the animals, enjoy the fresh air, and stock up! Oh, and feel free to say hi to the few chickens out and about!


Google Maps has issues with our address, so please use 'Whiffletree Farm' in your search.

We accept cash, check, and credit.

Chicken & Eggs





Gear & More!

Not able to come to the farm?

You can place an online order for Neighborhood Delivery! Search your zip-code here to find your nearest Pickup Location.