Waterpenny Organic Vegetable CSA @ Whiffletree!
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The CSA runs for 19 weeks. Each share has 7-10 items in season, all high quality, and freshly picked from our farm, grown using only organic inputs, no pesticides.

Full Shares will fill a large reusable grocery bag. They are for a family of 4 or 2 adults who cook at home. Half shares are half the amount—they are for a family of 2-3.

Share examples from previous seasons:
Share # 2 (June 10): Broccoli, Head lettuce, Snow Peas, Salad Turnips, Curly Kale, Scallions, Summer Squash/zucchini, Lemon Basil

Share # 5 (July 1) Summer squash/ zucchini, cucumbers, sweet onions, Head lettuce, Red Potatoes, Savoy cabbage, Swiss Chard,Italian Parsley

Share # 9 (August 5) Tomatoes, Summer squash, cucumbers, Cantaloupe, garlic, Green Beans, Gold Potatoes, Cherry tomatoes, basil

Share # 14 (September 2): Tomatoes, Sweet bell Peppers, summer squash/ zucchini, cucumbers, Eggplant, cherry tomatoes, Garlic,celery

Share #17 (September 30): Sweet Potatoes, Butternut Squash, Sweet peppers, Arugula, Red Russian Kale, Hakurei Turnips,tomatoes, eggplant, Garlic