We are selling our 18-month old red sex-link laying hens as they go into their first molt and are replacing them with a new flock. They have been raised on pasture (though they are now in the barn for the winter), with non-gmo feed, and no antibiotics. Please note all the details:

  • Pasture-raised, red sex-link laying hens
  • $4 per hen for 1-99 hens.
  • $3 per hen for 100+ hens.
  • Please pay in full in order to reserve your hens.
  • Pick-up hens at the farm (8717 Springs Road, Warrenton, VA 20186) each evening from 4/15/2017 - 4/20/2017.
  • You will be responsible for crating and transporting the hens. Please come near or after dusk, as the hens will be much easier to catch after they have bedded down for the night.
  • Please note: The hens will turn 18 months old in April and are entering their first molt. This means that their egg production is currently decreasing. Their production will pick back up again by mid-May, at which point each hen will lay 4-5 eggs a week.
  • See below for the instructions of where to find the hens. They are in the paddock with the red egg mobile, located in the field behind our big, white barn. The paddock fencing will not be electrified

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To order your laying hens, please email Jonathan ( with your name, telephone number, and the number of hens you would like to purchase. Jonathan will email you an invoice that you can pay online.

Please remember to read all the details on this page!

Thanks so much!